Understanding Your Brain On Trauma

Your body remembers trauma. The brain and body are one, and the central nervous system will continue to sound the alarm well after the threat is gone, especially with complex trauma. This trauma is chronic (repetitive), interpersonal, and happens in childhood. Complex trauma can cause havoc to the developing brain and CNS, effects that last … Continue reading Understanding Your Brain On Trauma


Strength (You must crawl through the darkness to find the light)

Lately the words are trappedDown below where the beasts lieIn wait and pace insideWe say, no more rhymesBut my mind is like stained glassSegmented colors and shapesRolling thunder and earthquakesGhosts that never stopped screamingIf it's quiet I'm far awayIf it's still they lie there deadJust let it go they saidBut the pain lives in themThe … Continue reading Strength (You must crawl through the darkness to find the light)


Mind and Body

This past week has been difficult because I've had to deal with some health issues. People with chronic trauma often develop physical symptoms like frequent pain and other medical conditions. A child who experienced repetitive trauma is likely to have an overactive nervous system and more stress hormones released into their body. Stress hormones cause … Continue reading Mind and Body

“Come As You Are” (Kurt Cobain)

What the world needs to know about people with ASD: *This refers to level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)* It's a myth that people with ASD don't have empathy. Many people on the spectrum experience strong emotional empathy for others. Some even feel other's feelings as if they are their own, which can be overwhelming. … Continue reading “Come As You Are” (Kurt Cobain)


What I Want Therapists to Know About DID

Complex dissociative disorders are rare, but they're also being missed. Studies show prevalence to be about 1-3%, in most studies it's about 1%. This is similar to the prevalence of schizophrenia in the general population. I think that if therapists and other mental health professionals were trained in assessing complex dissociative disorders, the prevalence might … Continue reading What I Want Therapists to Know About DID