Light years

Today has been a difficult day. Flashbacks suck, but I’m still here, tearing up the lanes in the pool and writing random poetry. Beaten down but a badass moving through life, sometimes I’m surprised I still have energy to fight. Must be because of my kid. Today I felt like I didn’t have support, but I kept fighting and reaching out. I found my way, and I realized that there will always be kindness in the world if you look for it. Just keep going, don’t ever give up, easier said than done… but fighting for the light is all you can do. Do whatever you need to do to keep going, no matter how paralyzing the pain feels. One foot in front of the other, one moment at a time.

All the stars are broken
points of light divided
By years of darkness
Disconnected but shining
And fusing atoms
Until they shatter
Burning on their own
Unstable energy
Embracing the cycles
Unending and bright
Guardians of life
So empty it cuts through
Glowing red to blue
Messengers of time
Chaos in space
Radiating new sparks
Celestial bodies rip apart
Birthing civilizations
To make sense of constellations
Just slithers of seconds
In the slow crawl of time
Drawing primitive lines
To understand the expanse
The distance between us
Instantly beginning, spinning
While we await the ending
Hopeless supernova
Exploding then imploding
Incineration to black hole
Goodbye random lives
Singing in the sky
Spinning in the middle
Distant but alive
Given the ultimate power
To give and take away
To destroy but also create

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