Running against the sun diving down
Less time now, fewer hours
But I see why they love the fall
from heights, it’s nice when the bodies
that follow your space float away
Red orange and yellow turn brown
and fade, it’s strange
But the colours seem brighter now
Can’t shut them out, they stay
in my mind for days, they paint

These pigments that burst in the skies
Everything is alive, even through change
And even as we dance and swirl
in the wind, this delicate thing,
Gravity pulls us down, a fragile leaf
We meet the ground, blocking out sound
Faster now up this hill, endless energy
The beats I choose also choose me
Feet find the floor and we can be
in our body and feeling the breeze

Because when it grates on us we
can’t see, can’t breathe, can’t speak,
But somehow our sight rebounds
The air throws us around, and rainbows
from the earth are alive with silence
It’s nice here where they can’t hear us
The world is too loud, cars scream,
Smoke hurts and the voices outside
force them to hide, it’s not right,
Alone we find freedom and peace

It’s calm here where the smells don’t
overwhelm and the people are ghosts
And the dirt is death and life mixed
together we are stronger than one
Sometimes too much, sometimes numb
But shining under sunsets that threaten
to take our daylight forever
Mossy green, cracked trunks and streams
that flow back through and out again,
Around and around until the end

It’s ok because in darkness we ascend
And in the moments of emptiness there
is light that shines beyond mine
And in the sun we see the sky,
For the first time, a baby’s sight
We see colours blaze one by one
Hazy shades beyond muted night
Less blurry now, not hollow in fog,
Lines drawn, sorrow in songs,
Pain flows freely, contrasts closed off

The light reaches wherever we go,
Whatever weather even drowned in snow
and ice, because it melts and shines,
It shakes the sun and sparkles inside
Oh, we see the world for the first time
We see it together as one through these eyes
Darkness, yes always, but skies cleared
As yesterday pours through our tears
Diamonds shine rays while stones break,
Cascading through these shades of grey

Is this what others see, the life around,
Every cloud a being, every second a sound
Too bright sometimes, sunglasses inside
It’s alright, we like finding the quiet,
We like hearing time, and when it calls
We walk, agitation builds internally
Voices will always be here, eternally
And it’s ok, we will greet a new day
We prefer the way our life is ours,
Moving bravely within the hours,

Blank stare until we come up for air
And for now they’re safe, it’s ok
It will drift away, they say
But running today, repeating words
It’s too late, your actions are birds
And fate has always been stirred
I see it all now for the first time like birth
Hazy colours are real and my world
came back to me, in this breeze,
I hear the chirps in the sullen trees,

It’s ok you see, I’m alive for this fight
I let the darkness take me, now the light
is all around when I breathe, I see sound
I hear too much through my eyes
It’s alright I’ve fallen from this height
Bright leaves rest beside me,
Like I’m free and shaking off stone,
No longer frozen and alone,
Now we know the beauty in feeling
Unbound, seeing, and able to grow

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