Melodies (We are free)

She stepped into the spotlight
Solo figure
Shadows melting
Sun dripping in
I see them all
Voices chattering
Laughter and pain
Happiness evolves and
Holds the day

Stories that bind us
Interwoven web of raindrops
Dancing between the beats
Reaching out and believing
Scattering the seas
We tumble in the waves
Time, like most, unforgiving
Restless seconds run
Night time falls heavy
Like stones on my chest
Witch trials and hypocrisy
Antique fear flows freely
Liberated only if you stop

And listen to the chaos
It’s open
And we’re roaming
In the empty streets
Alone together
Writing up storms
Weathering floods
Holding the world-
Weight on our shoulders

We are unbending-
Soaking up sunbeams
Hearing dissonant melodies
Watching ropes fray and break
Splintered wood and broken boxes
Dark basements bathed in light
Blankets for the cold ones
Clothes for the exposed
Food for the starving
Colour for the blindfolded
Movement for the frozen

We will never let it go
It is who we are
Stronger now in unison.


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